The fire department expressed its gratitude for helping keep the Tri-City communities safe.

By Bea Karnes (Patch Staff)


NEWARK, CA — Members of the Fremont Elks Lodge #2121 gave Alameda County Firefighters a $2,000 Gratitude Grant from the Elks National Foundation.

The money was used to purchase a 165-lbs. survivor mannequin and a smoke machine to assist with firefighter training in Newark and Union City.

Fremont Elks Lodge President Steve Kay and Sergeant-at-Arms Stephen Kay Jr. made the presentation to firefighters on Sunday.

-Image via Alameda County Fire Department

In November 2016, the Fremont Elks were able to purchase a special training mannequin and a smoke machine to assist Alameda County Fire Department with some much needed training equipment.  Through the Elks ENF Gratitude Grant, this dream became a reality.  The training mannequin is a specially designed mannequin that allows the firefighters to practice the art of carrying a person from a structure to safety.  By purchasing this mannequin, it eliminates the hazard of dropping a live person during training if something goes wrong.  The smoke machine simulates the amount of smoke the department may encounter when entering a fully engulfed structure.  It was our pleasure to partner with Alameda County Fire and present them with this gift to ensure the safety of the citizens in our community.