Great Fun in Spring, Summer and Fall!

Bocce League Nights

Monday & Tuesday Nights

5:00PM – 9:00PM


last edited before SPRING 2024 Season


Team = 8 members maximum, minimum of 2 to play (10 max for two night league)
All players must be either member/Spouse, dependent of a member, or a potential member

ALL team members present MUST Play
players who will not be playing due to injury or illness and wish to be spectators only, must identify themselves as not participating, and MAY NOT join the game while in progress.

No team substitution of players after the season begins without approval by Bocce League Director (Bocce Director). Only registered team members may play.
A team can register additional players after the season has begun only if –>
– Less than half the season has been played
– They have not registered the maximum 8 players (10 for 2 night schedule)
– Exception: If a player has a hardship (ill, accident, moved, etc…) and can no longer play, the team captain can request a removal of a player and the addition of the replacement player – whether this will be allowed will be at the discretion of Bocce League /Sports Committee on a case by case basis.

ALL TEAMS WILL PLAY EVERY WEEK – Some Mondays, Some Tuesdays, never both on the same week unless it’s a make-up game.


IF early in season, score will be adjusted to end of season Avg. before awarding rankings.
If a team does not have enough players at start of game they will receive a forfeit (0 score)
Extenuating circumstances will be considered by the Sports Committee only once per season. if no exception is granted, forfeit team will receive a Zero. IF early in season, score will be adjusted to end of season Avg. before awarding rankings.


If a player arrives late, they may only join the “throw in session/”set” if their turn to throw has not yet come up. Otherwise They may join in once the palino is re-set/thrown again.
Once a game is in progress, players who have already thrown may NOT change sides out of turn, even on a new ‘set’ or ’round’.

Each player will play an equal amount of balls. If an odd #, the extra ball will be rotated throughout the game.

on a ONE player side – Player will only throw 3 balls in the round.

on a TWO player side – Palino should NOT be thrown by same player every time. If player A threw last palino, followed by B, the next “set” B will throw followed by A

on a THREE player side – “first is last”. The first ball and the last ball would be thrown by player A, next “set” player B ….

  • Two games will be played by each team, each week unless the team has a bye that week. There is a  60 minute time limit from scheduled start. No exceptions.
  • To determine who rolls first, at the start both teams will have a player roll one ball in unison. The closest to the back rail without hitting will be the team to “set the Palino”. On the second game, the other team ‘sets’ the first Palino

if the court is available this CAN be done before timer/umpire is ready, but DO NOT throw palino until timer has started.

  • Between games the players at each end will switch. AKA ‘flipping the court’ without mixing players. (like football halftime)
  • To “set” Palino – it must be thrown over the mid-line and not hit the back wall. If either occurs, the other team will set the Palino for the opposing team.

The original team retains privilege of first colored ball thrown.

Any ball except the Palino that hits the back wall is out of play. ONLY exception is when the palino is being set.

-CAUSE not relevant. If a colored ball hits the back wall during play it is out. This rule only applies to the palino during the time it is being set.

  • When any ball is thrown, it must be released NO HIGHER than the player’s elbow and must NOT be in an ascending arc rising above the shoulder. This is to preserve the court and prevent indentations in the court. Improperly thrown Ball will be removed from court if throw is determined to be in an obvious arc – all other balls will stay where they stopped.
  • If two Balls are touching the palino, the ball that touched first will be deemed ‘closest’
  • All colored balls must be thrown before a winner is determined. The first team to 12 points wins the game. If time is called, record each team’s points as they stand.
  • Once the timer goes off, NO new palino can beset, but play will continue until all colored balls have been thrown.
  • If a colored ball is thrown out of order – ball will be removed, but all other balls stay where they stopped moving. – no removal penalty if referee error.


ONLY team captains (or designated representative) can meet up to measure at the umpire, and each captain can only request 2 measurements per game.

Umpire is free to measure as many as they choose without being charged to a team, but excessive measuring is discouraged in order to keep the balls rolling.

– ONLY players with the lanyards are allowed on Center court – If additional players or individuals without lanyards are at the measure, the Umpire can choose to step back and say/do nothing till the extras go back to their ends, delaying the awarding of any score.

– NO lanyard = you are invisible to the umpire and they can totally ignore you!!!
– Team captains will e-mail/text scores ASAP to Lori Murdock unless Lori is on site to record the scores.

No score provided = ZERO points.
– Games that scorekeeper is not in attendance will only be recorder if RECEIVED before update goes out in the AM. It’s the Captain’s (or designated) from each team responsible to either text or eMail an image of either the tag or of the scoreboard at end of games.
Any Corrections to the posted totals must be identified/pointed out within 7 days of them being published. (Send new image of game tag)

    • No beverages or smoking is allowed directly on the courts, or on the Ball Barrels.
    • Last teams to play will secure all Bocce equipment before leaving.
    • Only the League Bocce Balls will be used. No personal Bocce Balls will be allowed.
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct will be subject to $5.00 fine – to be paid to the purple pig.
    • Volunteer Umpires must be 21 to ensure the ability to keep control of the courts.
    • Team captains / Lanyard Players – should not ‘hang out’ at the point of play and should return to the appropriate sides before calls.


One game played to 15, or 35 Minutes.
o If the timer goes off while teams are tied – one more roll / whomever scores the round wins

Loser of any game, is the designated umpire for the next game on the opposite court

Whether it’s in a few minutes or the next scheduled Bocce day….

“set” – single palino, followed by all colored balls to be thrown “round” – however many “sets” it takes to reach 12 / 15