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Bocce Ball Courts


1 hour on the court or until next Team Arrives

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Fremont Elks Bocce League

Fall Brawl 2021 – 10 Week Run



Bocce League Nights


5:00PM – 9:00PM

League Key points to remember:

New this season – Bocce Rules:

1. If a team has only one player rolling balls at any time, that player is only allowed to roll 3 balls.  The 4th ball is to be rolled down to the opposing side to the back board before the polina is thrown.

2. Remember, you can use a Floater.  If you only have 3 players show up.  Instead of forfeiting a ball, you can enlist a floater. Right now there are three to choose from.  Jerry DeVries, Mike Vigil or Jack Bishop.  One or more of us will try to be on site on Tuesday nights.  If you’re short a player, just let us know and we will fill in.

Note #1: The courts are still open at 5pm and 8pm.  If both teams want to change to one of these times, they are welcome to do so.

Note #2: Team captains will find the team rosters at the very bottom of this e-mail.  Please validate and let us know of any updates or changes.

Note #3: We will be selling Costco Hot dogs on Tuesday night.  So if you don’t get a chance to eat dinner on the way to the game, we will have something available to eat.

$5 for a hot dog and chips.

Looking forward to a fun fall season.  Hope you have fun!

DJ & Mike