Have you been Volunteering at the Fremont Elks Lodge, well we need you to document your Hours for the Grand Lodge. So please take 2 Minutes and fill out this simple form.
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This applies to all Elks, Individual Members, ER Event Staff, Bar Manager, Kitchen Manager, Serving Crew, Building Maintenance Crew, etc, etc.
Choose an in-house activity above where you (or your committee) volunteered your time and energy. Planning, meetings, admin, publicity, cooking, set up, decor, clean up, financials. You may combine hours for the SAME TYPE of activity - see below.
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Committee members, names of helpers, details, comments, etc.
Thank you for submitting your individual (or group) hours. This helps us keep track for Grand Lodge reporting and our charitable contributions. We do a lot in our lodge and for others, be proud and shout out your accomplishments! Any questions, email Cami Sereni at camielks@gmail.com And THANK YOU!