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Looking to Rent the Elks Lodge for your Next Business Event?

Check out our pricing and fill out this form and hit “Submit” at the bottom, our Rental Team will get back to you with availability and final costs.

Example: Joe & Gail's Wedding, Bobby's Memorial Event, Lola's Business Anniversary Party, etc...
This Event will have to be verified by our Rental & Event Team to make sure there is no double booking of dates. The Rental Team will get back to you with approval. - You are allowed 2 Hours before your scheduled Start Time to Decorate the Hall.
Times Available from 8:00AM till 10:00PM, The Party must end at 10:00PM. (You have a 1 Hour Cleanup time till 11:00PM)
Times Available from 8:00AM till 4:00PM - The Party must end at 4:00PM. (You have a 1 Hour Cleanup time till 5:00PM)
The Rental Team will give you a List of Approved Lodge Caterer's for you to make your Choice. Caterer's pricing is not included in this Budget Form, please contact your Caterer of choice for Quote's and Pricing.
The Steam Table holds 5 Chaffing Pans for 6 Hot Items for Food Service.
State of California Minimum Requirement - 4 Hour Work Shift - The Dishwasher will come in and clean all the dishes and clean up the kitchen, if you do not hire our dishwasher your caterer will be responsible for the Kitchen and Dishes.
Each Table Includes: 1 Tablecloth & 12 Napkins per Table. Linen Color Choices - White, Black, & Assorted Color Tablecloths. This pricing is budgetary, your table layout and guests seating arrangement may change the pricing. The Lodge has 60" Round and 3' x 8' Table Linens available for all events. These match the tables available. The Cost is for cleaning the linens after the event. Approx. 8 to 10 Guests per Table.
This is a required charge by our Lodge, you will provide a "Setup Map/Layout" for the Tables and Chairs and our staff will have all the tables and chairs setup the night before your event. This also includes a Cleaning Crew after your event. If the dining room is not left clean, $150.00 per hour for additional cleaning charges.
Due to the Elks Lodge "On-Premise" Bar License by California ABC, it is Illegal to bring in any Outside Alcohol into our Club License 51 Building & Patio Area.
We can order speciality vintages or spirits per event. Please state how many bottles or cases required. There will be extra costs depending on your choices, the rental team will get back to you with the price.
Based Upon a Standard 5 Hour Event, from 1 to 100 people requires 1 Guard, (State of California Requirement) over 100 People requires 2 Guards.
This is a BUDGETARY number for your Event, special requests may increase this number. If the hall is left undamaged, you will receive your Deposit Back within 30 Days. The Indoor Lodge Banquet Hall can accommodate up to 300 Seated Guests or 500 People Standing. - Minimum Security Deposit of $500.00 is required to hold the date and room.