New Member Registration Fee Includes :

  1. Elks Membership Card
  2. Card Lock Key to Enter the Lodge
  3. Engraved Lodge Badge w/ your Name & Status
  4. Dinner on Initiation Ceremony Night

Registration Fee = $125.00
Online Handling Fee = $5.00

If you do not wish to pay the $5.00 online handling fee, you can always just “Write a Check” for $125.00 to the “Fremont Elks Lodge”

Please mail check to: Fremont Elks Lodge – 38991 Farwell Dr, Fremont, CA 94536

Now no matter where you are, or how hectic life has gotten, you can easily connect with your home town lodge on the run. Elks Care – Elks Share- Come Run With The Herd!

***After making this Payment, make sure your Proposer delivers the Application Paperwork to the Lodge Secretary for your Registration***


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