How to Submit for a Check Request…

So, you have Worked with the House Committee or Trustees about Planning an Elks Event or Building Project inside the Fremont Elks Lodge and you need funds or wish to get reimbursed for your outlay of funds.

Please follow this easy “step by step” procedure for a “Check Request” from the Fremont Elks Lodge.

Please remember: Funds must be Pre-Approved by the House Committee or Trustees before submitting for a Check Request

    • You can get a Form from the Fremont Elks Lodge Office (next to the front door)
    • Or download the “Check Request Form” from the Fremont Elks website
  2. Please Fill out the Form and provide all the necessary information + Original Receipts, Invoices, Quotes or other necessary information.
  3. Return the Completed Form + Additional Documents to the “Secretary of the Lodge”
  • Drop off the Form to the Secretary, who works in the Elks Lodge Office (next to the front door)
  • or Scan the completed form & receipts and email it to:

That’s all you have to do…..

(This is what happens after you Submit your Form, this can take about 1 to 2 weeks depending on the date of the next Elks Lodge Meeting)

  1. The Secretary & ER (Exalted Ruler) needs to Sign the Check Request for Approval
  • After delivering your Form to the Secretary’s office, the Secretary will propose your request to the ER
  • The ER will sign the form also, if approved
  1. The Secretary will then deliver the “Signed Request Form” to the House Committee or Trustees for their approval
  2. Once the Secretary, ER & either Trustees or House Committee have “ALL” approved the Check Request, then the Request will be “Read & Voted On the floor”, at the next Elks Lodge Meeting Night
  • Elks Lodge Meetings take place on the Second & Fourth Wednesday’s of each month.
  1. If the Elks Membership vote is “Yes/Approved”, then the Elks Office Manger will cut a check and have the Secretary Sign the Check for “Next Day” pickup.

(once all this internal stuff is done, your good to go!)

  1. The Elks Office Manager will email or give you a phone call that you can pickup your Check after 8:00 am at the Elks Lodge Office (next to the front door)
  • The Elks Lodge Office Hours are: 7:30am till 5:00pm : Monday – Friday