Pictured (Left to Right)

1st Lady Jo Ann Kay
Steve Kay – Exalted Ruler Fremont
Sheila Spangler – Association Vice President Bay Area
Jim Saxton – Exalted Ruler Paradise Lodge
Al Smith – Association Vice President North District
and his wife – Michele Smith

Fremont Elks Lodge helps Paradise Community

The Fremont Elks Lodge is always willing to send donations to help communities that are affected by disaster.  The recent “Camp Fire” in Paradise offered us another opportunity.  Local Elks Lodges always stand tall to help their communities, but, in this case, the Paradise Elks Lodge itself was destroyed.  In addition, 400 of the 450 members of that lodge and 40 members of the Chico Lodge all sustained major losses including the loss of life of one of the Paradise Lodge members. 

Fremont Elks Lodge members were the organizing force behind a fundraiser that was held on behalf of the Paradise community.   Joined by other Elks Lodge members in the Bay Area, over 240 people attended the event and raised a total of $15,000 in gift cards and cash that was later presented to representatives of the Paradise Elks Lodge.  With the encouragement of Mayor Lily Mei and Councilmember Rick Jones and his wife, Dana, the fundraiser was a success. 

Sheila Spangler, the Elks Association Bay Area Vice President, and the Lodge’s Exalted Ruler, Steve Kay, and his wife, Jo Ann, organized the event.  Residents of Fremont, local businesses, schools, and other Elks Lodges in the Bay Area joined the membership of the Fremont Elks Lodge to present a night of entertainment and good food. 

In an amazing outpouring of generosity, local businesses donate the prizes and gifts.  Lodge members secured the food that was prepared in the Lodge kitchen for the event.  American High School and Kennedy High School students volunteered to help.  Performers from “Youth Focus” joined Matt Helms (as Dean Martin) and Perrish D’Angelo (as Frank Sinatra), to volunteer their time and services. 

Thank you to each and every one of you who joined us to make a difference.  We have not stopped supporting the community of Paradise, as we are continue to accept and send donations to those affected.  We plan to work with the Paradise community for a Christmas in July event. 

The next time you see an Elks logo, or drive by our Lodge, you will know that we do hold true to our slogans: “Elks Care – Elks Share” and “Elks Do”.  We have served the Tri-Cities community since 1959 and, with the tremendous support of our membership and our community; we look forward to another 60 years serving Fremont.